Yinjinda Group Chairman Yan Yinfeng visited the village to help the poor

2022-05-16 16:53:27

Yinjinda Party Committee News: On July 27, Yan Yinfeng, Chairman and Party Secretary of Henan Yinjinda Group, braved the sweltering heat to come to Jianchangling Village, Shibaotou Township, which is located in the deep mountainous area of Weihui and the border with Huixian City. In Guopo Village, we had a cordial discussion with the branch secretaries of the two villages and the staff members in the villages to learn more about the specific conditions of the two villages, and held on-site donation of the solar street lamp project to Jianchangling and donation of cables and other facilities for the new six residential buildings to Guopo Village At the same time, it was decided to provide education support to 7 poor college students in Guopo Village. The above donation amounted to more than 70,000 RMB, which was praised by the local village committee and the general public.Chairman Yan Yinfeng said, “Being good at the world” is an important connotation of Yinjinda’s industry serving the country. Enthusiastic for public welfare is the specific action of Yinjinda’s industry to serve the country.All Yinjinda People are extremely proud of being able to make a little contribution to achieve the grand goal of “two centenary years”.


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