Chairwoman’s Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, friends:
Hello everyone!

Henan Yinjinda Group endures great hardship in establishment. After going through the storms, it has become a vice president unit of China Packaging Federation, a high-tech enterprise, a top 100 Chinese packaging enterprise, and a top 30 soft-packaging enterprise, especially in polyester heat shrinkable film. The field plays a leading role and forms a complete industrial chain of polyester raw materials, polyester heat shrinkable film and flexible packaging color printing. It is the result of firm development goals and unremitting pursuit of innovation. It is the result of Yinjinda’s dedication to wisdom and hard work. Friends from all walks of life care about the results of love and support. Here, on behalf of Henan Yinjinda Group, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the team colleagues and friends from all walks of life!

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