Henan Yinjinda Group held the 2017 Conference on Funding Poor Students

2022-05-16 16:15:50

The autumn breeze is refreshing and the fruits are golden. On August 18, Henan Yinjinda Group held the 2017 Symposium on Funding Impoverished College Students in New Materials Company.43 impoverished students were full of joy of success and yearning for a better life, came to the meeting with enthusiasm.Yan Yinfeng, Chairman of Henan Yinjinda Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Work Committee Concerning the Next Generation,Wang Quanmin, Chief of the First Section of Organization Department of the Weihui Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Non-Public Enterprises,Sun Zhiyuan, Executive Vice Chairman of the Weihui Federation of Trade Unions, Sha Fangfu, Deputy Director of the Weihui Poverty Alleviation Office, Li Ruiling, Director of the Office of the Weihui Youth League Committee,Wu Yanhua, member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Henan Yinjinda Group, attended the meeting and took a seat on the rostrum. The meeting was chaired by Yang Fengrui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Yinjinda Group, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Executive Deputy Director of the Working Committee Concerning the Next Generation.

The meeting started in the warm atmosphere of the song “Let the World Be Filled with Love”. Yang Fengrui, deputy secretary of the Yinjinda Party Committee, reviewed the 12 years of Yinjinda’s active support and participation in the “Project Hope University” and “Golden Autumn Aid” activities:Henan Yinjinda Group has donated nearly one million RMB to the Hope Project and the Golden Autumn Scholarship Program since 2006 in Weihui City’s First Hope Project Realization University Activity. It has subsidized nearly 300 poor college students, and also participated in the donation package for primary school students. , Donated dictionaries and other activities, donated a total of more than 1.63 million RMB, won the Hope Project Outstanding Contribution Award, the Golden Autumn Scholarship Advanced Unit, and made positive contributions to the education of the party and the people. In 2017, Yinjinda received a total of 44 impoverished students, 16 of whom were recommended by the Communist Youth League Committee, 28 from all walks of life, 24 from poor or low-income households, and 20 from needy households. The total amount of funding was 100,000 RMB.

Yinjinda Chairman and Party Secretary Yan Yinfeng made an important speech at the meeting. She said that Yinjinda Group attaches great importance to education for poverty alleviation, and especially actively supports children from poor families to enter universities. She believes that if a family wants to get rid of poverty fundamentally, it should rely on the development and progress of future generations. This has been proved by countless facts. College students born in poor families are poor but have great ambitions. They have lofty ideals, have the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, have a good desire to serve the people, and have a kind heart of gratitude.This has also been proved by everyone’s hard work and excellent results. She said, you are more excellent, you are more promising,your future is infinitely bright, Yinjinda cheers for you and praises you! Yinjinda believes that in the future, you will surely create more brilliant results.

Wang Shuzhen, representative of poor students, said in her speech,that university is an important stage of life. In this stage, because of the funding of caring enterprises like Yinjinda, the poor students like us do not have to worry about the poor economic situation and living expenses of the family. Therefore, we must work hard, never slacken off, do not seek material vanity, and try our best to pursue spiritual satisfaction.Correct the attitude of hard work and study, inherit the fine tradition of being helpful, make parents proud and satisfy the society with excellent results.Yinjinda’s unremitting perseverance and hard work on charity, Project Hope, and Golden Autumn Scholarship for more than ten years have made the people of Weihui city and all walks of life see it. After the comparison, on behalf of all the funded students, she expressed her gratitude and blessings to Yinjinda and good-hearted people from all walks of life who are keen on public welfare and charity, and wish Yinjinda’s business prosperous, and wish Yinjinda Group Chairman Yan good health and happiness.

Sun Zhiyuan, executive vice chairman of the Weihui City Federation of Trade Unions, delivered a speech on behalf of the leaders. He spoke highly of Yinjinda’s positive support for the Hope Project and the achievements of the Golden Autumn student assistance activities. He placed high hopes on the poor students who received assistance and congratulated them “Today “Peaches and plums are fragrant”, I hope they “become pillars tomorrow.”

After the comparison of the meeting, Chairman Yan and others issued bursaries to the aided students, hoping that everyone will study hard, and after the Spring Festival holiday, go to Yinjinda to attend a symposium for returning college students and report on their learning achievements.

The meeting ended with the music of “Singing for the Motherland”.


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