Henan Yinjinda Group implements industrial poverty alleviation and assistance to Dunfangdian New Village, Weihui City

2022-05-16 16:40:39

On May 4, 2017, Chairman Yan Yinfeng donated 500,000 RMB to the new village of Dunfangdian Township, among which 50 villagers were 10,000 RMB each. The villagers used the donation to invest in the village garment factory. As an investment, they will receive annual dividends, which is completely resolved. The poverty-stricken households in the village are alleviated from poverty.

  Attached: “Henan Daily” report in rural area

  Wu Jinyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tangzhuang Town, Weihui City, leads entrepreneurs to “climb the poor relatives”

  2017-05-0416:37:50Source: Rural Edition of Henan Daily

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Ma Bingyu, Correspondent Li Juan) Recently, Wu Jinyin, Party Secretary of Tangzhuang Town, Weihui City, led the town team members and entrepreneurs Yan Yinfeng and Wei Shiquan to the new village of Dunfangdian Township in the city for industrial poverty alleviation.

  It is understood that the new village of Dunfangdian Township is located 1 km west of National Highway 107. There are 75 households with 255 villagers. It was moved here in 1970. It was a reservoir emigrated and impoverished village in the 1970s, and it was also Wu Jinyin’s poverty alleviation and assistance village.The village is located in a hilly area, the land is barren, and the village collective has no economic income. The whole village has 37 poor households with 115 people. In 2016, the village’s infrastructure was built and improved by obtaining more than 2 million RMB from the upper level. The poor households were lifted out of poverty through industrial support and transfer of employment.

  Not long ago, members of the Dunfangdian township team and representatives of the party members and the masses, led by Wu Jinyin, visited Shandong, Hebei and other places for many times. After investigations, they decided to establish a clothing processing factory in the local area to increase the income of poor households,at the same time, it will bring income to the collective economy of the new village. On the same day, Yan Yinfeng, chairman of Henan Yinjinda Color Printing Co., Ltd., donated 500,000 RMB, and Wei Shiquan, general manager of Weihui Jinguang Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd., donated 300,000 RMB to inject vitality into the sustainable poverty alleviation of the new village.


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