Pick up your schoolbag and go to school

2022-05-16 16:03:34

Yinjinda Group helps mountain children realize their college dreams through the “Pick up your schoolbag and go to school”, this is a normal thing for every school-age teenager.However, for many children in Weihui Mountain District, their living expenses tomorrow and tuition fees for the next semester have become problems. How can they talk about their college dreams?In August 2015, after receiving this news through the Weihui Communist Youth League, our group company decided to donate 90,000 RMB to these poor students who could not continue to fulfill their university dreams through the “Project Hope University” activity,so that they can continue their education and realize their college dreams through hard work!

This move won the 2015 Hope Project “Outstanding Contribution Award” of Weihui City. However, for the Yinjinda people, this not only motivates us to be more courageous in taking social responsibilities, but also makes us deeply feel the joy of helping others realize their dreams.

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