Henan Yinjinda Group donated 100,000 RMB to Hope Project and Golden Autumn Scholarship

2022-05-13 15:28:38

News from Yinjinda Party Committee: The annual “Project Hope, Realizing the University” and “Golden Autumn Scholarship” activities carried out by the Communist Youth League Weihui Municipal Committee and Weihui Federation of Trade Unions are coming soon.Chairman Yan Yinfeng attached great importance to it, and Henan Yinjinda Group responded positively. On August 5, it donated 90,000 RMB to the Hope Project and 10,000 RMB to the Golden Autumn Scholarship to help 37 college students from poor families in Weihui successfully enter the university.Since 2006, Henan Yinjinda Group has made donations to the “Hope Project” and “Golden Autumn Scholarships” for 11 consecutive years.It has won the “Hope Project” Outstanding Contribution Award of Weihui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the advanced unit of “Golden Autumn Aid” of Weihui City Federation of Trade Unions.At present, it has donated more than 800,000 RMB to support 226 poor college students. Intellectual poverty alleviation is an important part of Yinjinda’s contribution to public welfare.Chairman Yan Yinfeng said: “Intellectual poverty alleviation is a fundamental solution for poverty alleviation. Yinjinda sponsors children from poor families to successfully enter university. After a college student graduates and goes to society, the family will gradually be relieved. This is a great deed of immense merit. In the future, Yinjinda will not only continue to do it, but also actively do it well.”

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