Yinjinda Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities

2022-05-16 17:01:35

“The benevolent is invincible, and good at the world.” Chairman Yan Yinfeng of the group has actively fulfilled social responsibilities since the establishment of Yinjinda, and has had a greater social impact in all walks of life, and has been highly praised by leaders at all levels and the broad masses of people.By 2015, over 2 million RMB had been donated to various public welfare undertakings and over 1 million RMB had been donated to poverty alleviation and other projects,more than 3 million RMB has been donated to “Hope Project, University of Dreams Realization”, “Golden Autumn Scholarship”, charity,undertakings for the disabled and disaster-stricken areas, a total of 268 poor college students were funded, and a total of more than 6 million RMB was donated.Won the advanced unit of caring for employees in Henan Province, the advanced unit of Xinxiang City’s Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundreds of Villages, and the outstanding contribution award of Weihui City Hope Project, the advanced unit of Weihui City Golden Autumn Love Education, and the charity caring enterprise.Chairman Yan Yinfeng has successively won the honorary titles of Henan Province Excellent Constructor of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Xinxiang City Model Worker, Xinxiang City March 8th Red Flag Bearer, Xinxiang City’s First Ten Young Private Entrepreneurs, Weihui City Charity Donation Entrepreneur and other honorary titles.

In August 2015, donated 90,000 RMB to “Project Hope, University of Dream Realization” and won the outstanding contribution award of Weihui City Hope Project;

In August 2015, donated 10,000 RMB to Golden Autumn Scholarship, and won the advanced Unit of Weihui City Golden Autumn Lovc Scholarship ;

In May 2015, donated 60,000 RMB to Weihui Charity Association;

In February 2015, donated 50,000 RMB to the Weihui Civil Cultural Research Association.

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