Yinjinda Party Committee communicated with the Taigong Town Party Committee on industrial poverty alleviation work

2022-05-16 17:04:51

On September 13, 2017, Yang Fengrui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Yinjinda Group, made a special trip to Taigong Town to communicate with the town’s Party Secretary Kong Xianghai on poverty alleviation work.

 In order to actively respond to the call for poverty alleviation by industry in Weihui City, according to the arrangement of Yan Yinfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yinjinda Group, Yinjinda has recently stepped up its efforts in industrial poverty alleviation.After the recommendation of the working team in the village, a labor and employment agreement was signed with 12 poor villagers in Guopo Village of Bangfu Village.In order to strengthen communication and exchanges with the town government where the village is located, Secretary Yan Yinfeng specially arranged for the deputy secretary to go there to inform the Secretary of the Taigong Town Party Committee of the progress of the Yinjinda industry’s poverty alleviation work,especially the specific steps and plans for providing special posts to arrange the employment of poor households and villagers, and seriously solicited the township party committee’s opinions on the enterprise poverty alleviation work.Kong Xianghai, secretary of the Taigong Town Party Committee, spoke highly of Yinjinda’s poverty alleviation work, saying that the Taigong Town Party Committee would work with all sectors of the society to resolutely win the tough fight against poverty,and at the same time thank Yinjinda for its effective poverty alleviation work.

The new PETG production line of Yinjinda will be put into production soon, and this group of employees will soon start to work.

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